Do I need a Vermont workers comp lawyer?

A very common question for Vermonters who’ve been injured at work is whether they need a lawyer.  I’ve talked to several people who say “if someone needs an attorney for their workers comp claim, it must be really bad.”  The truth is, a Vermont workers comp lawyer can do a lot more than help you fight the… Read more »

What injuries does Vermont workers compensation cover?

In Vermont, if you suffer an “injury” at work, it is covered by the Vermont Workers’ Compensation Act.  But what does the word “injury” really include?  Is it only the obvious injuries like broken legs, busted shoulders, and concussions?  Am I excluded if I have a mental injury from work?  No.  In fact, the Vermont workers… Read more »

What am I entitled to after my Vermont work injury? (PPD)

As I mentioned in my last post, you’re entitled to receive temporary disability benefits until you reach “maximum medical improvement” or you actually return to work, whichever occurs first.  When that happens, the insurance carrier will stop paying you weekly temporary disability benefits.  However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re off the hook for paying indemnity benefits…. Read more »

What am I entitled to after my Vermont work injury? (TTD)

When you’ve suffered a Vermont work injury, the law entitles you to a number of different workers’ compensation benefits depending on your injury and how well you recover from it.  Vermont work comp benefits which you may be entitled to include “indemnity” benefits like temporary and permanent disability benefits, as well as medical benefits and… Read more »