What is an Independent Medical Examination?

As an injured employee progresses through his or her Vermont workers’ compensation claim, it is not at all uncommon for the insurance company or their attorney to schedule you for an Independent Medical Examination (a.k.a. an “IME”).  If you’ve never had a workers’ comp injury or filed a lawsuit for other injuries, you’ve probably never… Read more »

What does the workers’ compensation process entail?

After you experience a Vermont work injury, the workers’ compensation process can vary significantly depending on the nature of your injury and the insurance company’s response (i.e. whether it agrees your injury happened at work).  If your work injury is not simply accepted and paid for by the insurance company from start to finish, you… Read more »

Will a preexisting condition impact my Vermont workers comp claim?

Many Vermonters who have experienced a work injury wonder whether a “preexisting condition” will prevent them from receiving Vermont workers comp benefits, even though their new work injury worsened their symptoms. As with many questions you can ask a lawyer, the best answer is “it depends.”  Fortunately, however, the mere fact that you may have… Read more »

What should I do if I’m injured at work?

It’s not uncommon for someone who experiences a Vermont work injury to be unsure of what to do after that injury occurs.  Maybe it was a pretty small injury, and you don’t want to bother your supervisor or HR person by reporting something you expect will resolve on its own.  Maybe your company has a… Read more »