One question I’m occasionally asked by current and potential clients is what happens if they leave their job while receiving Vermont workers’ comp benefits.  Although it’s unlikely that your medical benefits will be terminated if you leave your job, whether your TTD benefits are affected depends on why your employment ended.

If you have recovered well enough from your injury that you have already returned to work without any restrictions, quitting or retiring from your job may not have much impact on your ongoing workers’ compensation claim.  The insurance carrier should still pay medical benefits and you should still receive the PPD benefits you’re entitled to.  Leaving your job should only impact “wage replacement” benefits such as TTD and TPD, but if you are already back to work full time, you likely aren’t receiving those benefits anyway.

On the other hand, if you have only returned to work part-time (and are receiving TPD), or are still not back to work (and are receiving TTD), leaving or being fired from your job can have a major impact on those payments moving forward.  If you are considering leaving work voluntarily, it is best to speak with a Vermont workers’ compensation lawyer before you make that decision.  You’ll likely want to obtain doctor’s note supporting that decision, rather than simply quitting.  Otherwise, your right to ongoing temporary disability benefits may be significantly impacted.  Call me today if you have any questions!