When should I hire a Vermont workers’ comp lawyer?

A lot of people with a Vermont work injury assume they can handle their workers’ compensation claim themselves, and that they don’t need a Vermont workers’ comp lawyer.  As I discussed in a previous post, it’s certainly true that there are workers’ compensation claims in which you might not need a lawyer.  If you are going… Read more »

Should I settle my Vermont workers’ comp claim?

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, at some point in time your employer’s insurance carrier may offer to settle your Vermont workers’ comp claim.  While this occasionally happens in situations in which your claim has been denied — such as at mediation prior to a formal hearing — it is more likely to happen when your claim… Read more »

What is an Independent Medical Examination?

As an injured employee progresses through his or her Vermont workers’ compensation claim, it is not at all uncommon for the insurance company or their attorney to schedule you for an Independent Medical Examination (a.k.a. an “IME”).  If you’ve never had a workers’ comp injury or filed a lawsuit for other injuries, you’ve probably never… Read more »

What am I entitled to after my Vermont work injury? (PPD)

As I mentioned in my last post, you’re entitled to receive temporary disability benefits until you reach “maximum medical improvement” or you actually return to work, whichever occurs first.  When that happens, the insurance carrier will stop paying you weekly temporary disability benefits.  However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re off the hook for paying indemnity benefits…. Read more »