June 18, 2018

Having never been involved in a personal injury claim, quite honestly I was a bit reluctant to consult an attorney. To my chagrin, I had listened to stereotypes about aggressive attorneys, and had no interest in working with someone like that. Sure, I wanted to be successful in my claim, but not at the expense of dealing with a pushy lawyer. I asked around and was told that if I wanted someone who was different from the crowd, who was articulate and committed, could listen and advocate well, then Jeff Dickson was the professional to consult. My experience proved to be exactly that, and more. Jeff is not only a tireless advocate, but he consistently exceeded my expectations for compassion and willingness to work hard to have my injury addressed fairly by the opposing party’s insurance company. He is diligent, whip- smart, articulate, and defies any “attorney” stereotype. Beyond that, he is simply a good, solid human being and dedicated professional. He went above and beyond to consult with others in his field to make sure he was providing the very best service for me, and I am deeply grateful. If you are looking for someone who can get the job done while being the kind of person you can trust and actually even like, consult Jeff Dickson.