Your Vermont Workers' Comp Lawyer

Jeff can help with your Vermont work injury.

If you were injured at work in Vermont, or while working for a Vermont employer, you’re probably entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. It is important that you take the steps necessary to obtain the benefits you’re entitled to.  Don’t let your employer (or its insurance company) dictate how you heal or what you accept as compensation.

You might be entitled to the following Vermont workers’ compensation benefits: temporary disability benefits (lost wages); permanent disability benefits; medical benefits for treatment and prescriptions; vocational rehabilitation benefits if you can’t do the same job anymore; and death benefits for your spouse and/or children if a work injury takes your life.

The Vermont workers’ compensation process can be very confusing and complicated, with documents that can have a big impact on the benefits you receive. Jeff knows how the insurance companies operate because he used to represent them.

If your Vermont workman’s comp claim has been denied, Jeff will fight for your rights.  If your claim has been accepted, he can guide you through the process to ensure you get everything you’re entitled to. Learn more about Vermont workers’ compensation on Jeff’s blog.

Do I need a Vermont workers comp lawyer?

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Can Social Media Jeopardize my Vermont Workers’ Comp Claim?

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What psychological work injuries are covered in Vermont?

The Vermont legislature recently modified the way that psychological injuries (a.k.a. mental-mental injuries) are covered under Vermont workers’ comp law.  With the exception of psychological injuries arising from a physical injury (a.k.a. physical-mental injuries), psychological injuries arising purely from a person’s work used to be covered only if they arose out of an event or stressor which… Read more »